Why choose blausoft?

A few reasons why we are probably one of the better choices out there

1. We care about your project

We take pride in creating the best possible product. Let me tell you why this isn't just a cheesy buzz phrase.

We want your website to succeed

Your website's success is our success. That's how we know we're doing a good job. Also, if your website turns out great, we have another convincing argument for our portfolio to win over new clients! That's a win-win-situation.

Let's clink glasses on our new website's success

2. We have really good prices

How come we can afford such low prices without compromising the product?
It's simple: We don't waste resources and pass the savings on to you!

This is how we do it:

  • No office building

    Most software development companies have a central office every team member has to go to every morning. Even though all the developers have a perfectly fine computer sitting at home, they still must waste precious time and gas communting to this random location.

    To ease the pain of sitting in a crammed and potentially overpriced office eight hours a day, companies tend to offer goodies such as free coffee, softdrinks or a kicker table.

    And you're paying for it!

    While this practice is often fine in non-tech-related businesses, in our industry it's a wasted opportunty and blausoft isn't wasting it. We work remotely.

  • Low overhead

    While most larger companies have an inevitable need for some degree of bureaucracy and lots of internal communication, blausoft is a small team of a few dedicated developers. Naturally, almost no time is wasted on friction and redundant meetings. Instead, we use it on your project!

  • Linux & Open Source software

    We don't spend any money on proprietary software licenses if it's not necessary – and it rarely is. Linux is absolutely free, secure and developer-friendly. So is open source software.

    Are you interested in this for your own company? Feel free to contact us, maybe we can help you out!

  • Little marketing efforts

    We don't spend much energy on advertising campaigns. If we did that, guess who ultimately would have to pay for it?

    There is a better way: The referrals of satisifed customers.

Home Office Linux Tux

3. We are eco-friendly

To be fair, this one isn't even intentional. It just so happens that you automatically become eco-friendly if you stop wasting resources and start making wise financial decisions.

  • We build high-performance software that can run on little power.
  • We work remotely.
  • We're paperless.
  • We fully utilize our hardware.