Website Maintenance

We will fix your old and outdated website and make it shine again.

We make it work on all devices

If your website isn't working on mobile devices – such as smartphones – right now, your website pretty much doesn't exist anymore.

Most people are using mobile devices to browse the internet nowadays, meaning that most people are probably not able to view your website anymore. Let's fix that!

We fix legal issues

You're not sure if your website is conformable to current European law (especially GDPR)? Chances are it's not.

We will check your website for possible legal problems and fix them so you get to have a better sleep.

We fix design issues

Does your website look like it's from 1998? Unless it's intended as a joke, you're probably better off with a design that's simple and timeless. We can fix you up with a new logo or corporate identity, too.

Anyway, we will make your website look like it belongs in 2019.

Not sure?

Do you need a second opinion from a professional? Is there anything else that's bothering you about your website?

Send us a short message, we'll be happy to glance over your website and tell you if any action is required and what to do about it.

Responsive Web Design

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