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We develop websites and web applications of any size and for any purpose.

Let us tell you why we're one of the better choices out there.

Wise choices of technology

Every website we create is naturally responsive and works on any modern device and any screen size.

However, it is essential to tell the cool new things apart from bad ideas that make your website age quickly and poorly.

We make sure to avoid fads, like excessive animations, so your website looks great for a long time with very little need of maintenance.

Responsive Web Design
Quick loading websites

Faster than most websites

Short loading times are one of the most important factors in your visitor's happiness.

Nobody likes slow and unresponsive pages, especially when using mobile devices that may have limited bandwidth. Yet, unfortunately, that's exactly what most web agencies fabricate.

We, however, put a lot of effort into making our websites load as fast as possible.

Info for nerds: We're using static-site-generation for most of the content and JS for dynamic elements. There's no server-side code generation going on here.

Low prices

Not only are our prices good by themselves, we also make sure to not sell you things you don't need.

Instead of acting as if overpricing was some kind of quality indication, we call a spade a spade: What you're paying those expensive premium web agencies for is mostly overhead and the balancing of their advertising expenses – not necessarily quality.

The only thing we're charging for is honest work – that's it.


Pricing – A few examples

Micro Website

If you don't have a website yet, this might be a good starting point. This simple solution is sufficient for many small local businesses.


  • Briefly tells the world ...

    • who you are
    • what you offer
    • how to get in touch
  • Dynamic Google Map
  • Domain & Hosting included

Medium Website

A regular website with multiple pages of content. If you have multiple products or your business needs some explanation, this is for you.

Possible Features

  • Multiple pages of content with pictures and videos
  • Multiple languages
  • Basic Online shop
  • Business email addresses

Large Website/Webapp

If you're running an online business and need tons of content or have special requirements, such as 3D visualizations of products, this is your price class.

Possible Features

  • User management / Community features
  • Custom online shop solutions
  • Advanced visualizations and interactivity

Please note that these are not offers but mere examples. This is so you get an idea of what you get for your budget.


Order your website – How it works

1. Analysis

We talk about your project and find out what solution is best for you and your business. Once it's settled, you pay the first installment and development begins.

2. Development

While working on your project we regularly show you the current state, so we all know we're on the right track. Frequent communication between us is important in this phase!

3. Delivery

Once the project is completed, we put everything online. You make sure you like what you're seeing and then pay us the remaining amount.

4. Continuous Support

Even after deployment, we still care about your project. Unless you don't want us to, we will review it from time to time and make sure it's still fresh. Of course, you can also contact us any time, should there be any issues.

Let's get started!

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