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Small company websites, large online systems and everything in between.

We will build your web-based project, whatever it is – professionally and sincerely.

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Our focus is on
  • Universal design
  • User-friendliness
  • Security and reliability


A good website feels natural and helps the user be productive.

It has a clear structure, sensible menus for navigation and uses animations sparingly and purposefully. We will make your users be comfortable.

Happy visitors …
  • come back.
  • trust you.
  • recommend you to others.

Fast loading

Responsive Webdesign

A good website loads up fast and is quickly ready for interaction.

A website shouldn't feel like a software installation. We make sure the first impression is just right.

Responsive Webdesign

Responsive Webdesign

A good website works on all devices.

Your website automatically adjusts to every possible screen size and looks good on every device. Doesn't matter if it's a PC, a smart phone or a tablet.

Security and reliability

A good website doesn't cause new problems. Not today, not tomorrow.

You probably have your hands full already. We will make sure that at least your website doesn't add anything to your workload.

blausoft Wappen

This technology makes sure that your data is transferred encrypted and securely between website and user.

Continuous Backups

Our backups make sure that your data is restorable even in unpredictable events.


Your website always meets current privacy laws – without annoying the user unnecessarily.

Server located in Germany

Due to its strict privacy laws, Germany is a suitable location for even the most sensitive data.

Continuous Updates

We make sure that your project is always up-to-date on security and laws.

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