In case of fat do not use elevator

Take the stairs!

Being in shape is important and leads to a happier life overall. Your face gets to look better and thus you get certain privileges from other humans, too. Maybe you even get a better job and more money. So why isn't your body the best it can be right now? It's simple.

Exercising is hard.

What's the longest time you regularly went to a gym or did other kinds of exercises? If you're like most people, you try not to think about it. Nobody brags about cancelling their gym subscription.

Eating healthy is hard.

Do you prefer a carrot to pizza? Probably not. Fast-food is just too convenient anyway. Even if you like cooking, I bet you aren't always in the mood for it.

Taking the stairs is easy!

It's not even real exercise. You don't have to change your clothes or anything. You can do it on your way home from work. Or to work. Or when you're in the mall. And you won't be stuck in an awkard, overcrowded elevator either.

So how's this gonna make your belly shrink away and improve your life?

Because you can actually do it.

I don't mean this the cheesy, motivational way. You probably can't stick to a regular training schedule. Only very few people can do that for a sustainable period of time. But you can walk up and down stairs (assuming you aren't handicapped). All you have to do is:

stop using elevators.

That's it. Make it a personal law. Doesn't matter how tired you are, doesn't matter if you got shopping bags with you. Take the stairs.

The secret behind this whole stairs thing is that you'll never completely come to a halt. Even though going up some staircases may not seem like you're doing much, psychology-wise, it makes a huge difference.

This difference will lead to a slightly better mood in general, compounding over time. Also you will potentially get an increased lust to move your not-as-fat-anymore body around for a bit longer. So, simply going up some staircases may lead to other exercises that you would not have done otherwise. Free motivation!

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