A plain JavaScript Game Prototype

What's this supposed to be?

This is a minimal prototype of a game I'm considering to develop. It doesn't have fancy graphics or sound effects or anything. The only point of this is to see if it feels good. If it doesn't, it's not worth investing the time to make a real game out of it. So, does this have the potential to be a fun game?

What do I do?

Try to avoid the asteroids while staying inside the screen. Once you feel confident, try to hit them with your machine gun. Otherwise, there are no goals at this point. Use your imagination!

There is no collision detection.


  • Left/Right Arrow key to rotate
  • Up/Down Arrow key to accelerate forwards/backwards
  • Space bar to shoot
  • F5 key or Page refresh to reset


This is all done with vanilla JavaScript. No libraries have been used. Just 250 lines of unoptimized code.

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