Good io games

A carefully composed collection of web and io games that are actually fun.

Only high-quality games

No obvious work-in-progress or we just started titles. No boring clones with no redeeming value. You aren't looking for Babby's first html5-game and neither am I.

Only hassle-free games

No pointless registrations. Should you really need to create an account to play the most simple deathmatch game? No.

I don't list games that solely exist for the sake of making money.

Another io game list?

There are tons of websites that randomly list hundreds of broken or otherwise just unplayable so-called io games. No description or anything. Just some cover art and a name. Some of them even show fake ratings for whatever reason. And those ratings don't reflect the quality of the game in the slightest. So instead of helping anyone to find a good game to play, they just add to the confusion. In order to find a nice game on one of these websites, you just randomly have to try out 20 shitty ones. Effectively, those websites are worthless.

This post is my attempt to bring some order into the chaos. I selected only games that are worth their time. I added actual screenshots that represent each game well (instead of using cover art). Additionally, there is a short description about what each game is about and why you should (or shouldn't) bother.

Multiplayer games

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-26

battleroyale action multiplayer

At battle royale style top-down shooter with lots of different items and equipment. Loot houses, break toilets and defend yourself against other players until everyone else is dead.

At first it might take a while to get used to the controls and the overall gameplay, but once you've done that, you can jump right into the action anytime. No unnecessary delays here. And make sure to turn on your audio. The sound effects are exceptional.

You can play alone or in a team with friends or strangers. Obviously, it's most rewarding to team up with people you know.

Screenshot of Blobby Online
Last updated 2018-11-10

Blobby Online

skill sports multiplayer

An HTML5 version of classic Blobby Volley with special items like raising or lowering the net. The gameplay and physics work very well, but get ready to feel like a loser for a while if you're not used to this kind of game.

Should you decide to register, you get some nice community features like customizing your character and winning trophies.

Screenshot of Crosswords Arena
Last updated 2018-11-26

Crosswords Arena

puzzle multiplayer singleplayer

An web game version of Scrabble. You can play against an AI or a single human opponent. Yes, only one.

But even one game against a single person can take a significant amount of time, so you better get cozy.

Overall, this game is nicely polished. You get multiple designs to choose from (like wooden tables), connection problems are handled perfectly, and pretty much everything feels right. Except for one thing: Not enough vowels!

It's available in multiple different languages, such as: English, German, Spanish, Dutch, Russian and Latin

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-18

puzzle social multiplayer

This is more of a social experiment than a game, but a quite interesting one if you're in the mood.

All you have to do is move your cursor trough a maze. Obviously, the task becomes harder after each level. And interesting things will start to unfold.

Don't expect much action or classic gameplay, this is something else.

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-14

bullet hell action multiplayer

A deathmatch combat game with so-called tanks that are actually just circles with a gun (that's actually just a grey square). Your goal is to grow your circle big and kill other circles by shooting small circles (bullets) at them.

Even though this might look like it's the first draft of a game, this is one of the best classic io-games out there. Don't be superficial this time or you'll lose out. It feels really good.

One of the key elements of this game is the upgrade system. There are a lot of unlockable classes that support various play styles. However, when you die, you lose most of your progress. And most of the time dying feels kinda unfair. You just happen to run into bad situations!

Screenshot of HaxBall
Last updated 2018-11-17


soccer sports multiplayer

A minimalist top-down soccer game that's fun even if you weren't good at team sports in school or if you hate soccer (like I do).

You're a single player in a team that's up against another team. It has plain (but functional) graphics and smooth controls. It can take a while to find the right server though. Expect to be kicked off for no apparent reason.

If you ever wanted to feel like the kid from that Kickers anime, without actually having to leave your armchair, this is most certainly worth a try.

Screenshot of Krunker
Last updated 2018-11-26


shooter action multiplayer

An actual 3D shooter for the browser that works very well. It tends to remind people of Counter Strike, but its gameplay is quite different. Also it's free and doesn't require an installation, so there's that.

There are several different gamemodes, FFA being the most prominent one. It has some character classes that determine the guns you get to sling around and how quickly you move around the map.

Even though shooting feels pretty good, the gameplay is far from realistic. You get unlimited ammo and jumping around like a lunatic is the best way to move around. If you're into that kind of action, you have to try this.

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-11

chess multiplayer singleplayer

A perfectly executed online chess game - that's about it. You can play against an AI, strangers on the internet or your friends. And if you don't feel like playing yourself, you can just as well just watch others do it.

It humbly asks on its own Twitter page: Greatest chess site ever?
Yes, it probably is.

Obviously, you have to be into chess to enjoy this.

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-23

casual multiplayer

A relaxing but very slow mass io game. You start as a small animal and keep eating until you're a large one.

This game feels pretty good if you're into slow and casual gameplay that you don't have to think about. There are a lot of different animals that you can transform into and the simplistic scenery is kinda nice, too.

If you're tired from work or you just smoked something and need something to do, this is the game to go to. Otherwise it can become rather tedious.

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-11

drawing cozy social multiplayer

A cozy drawing game. Try to guess what the drawings of other players are supposed to be or draw yourself. The faster you guess correctly, the more points are rewarded.

This one is obviously most fun to play with friends or people you know. Otherwise get ready to see a lot of poorly drawn penises.

If you are that type of person who owns a drawing board, this game is for you. But using a mouse works, too.

Screenshot of
Last updated 2018-11-14

sci-fi action multiplayer

A top-down spaceship combat game with pretty 3D graphics. You mine asteroids most of the time in order to upgrade your ship. Occasionally you get shot down by someone.

The controls are very smooth and shouldn't take long to get used to. Once you do, get ready to have some suspenseful fights and fast chases through narrow asteroid fields.

However! While it can be very fun at times, it's also likely one of the most infuriating games there are. If you're prone to anger outbursts, think twice before getting into this seat.

In the end it often comes down to this (but not in a good way):

You grind for twenty minutes and then you die.

Singleplayer only

Screenshot of 2048
Last updated 2018-11-17


puzzle singleplayer

A simple numbers puzzle game to pass some time. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move numbered blocks around until you get one that says 2048.

New blocks are spawning after every turn and you have to make sure to merge them into the other ones. If there isn't any space left on the field, you've messed up.

Anything missing?

I bet there is. If you got a high-quality game for this article, I'll be glad to add it to the collection. Send me a quick message and I'll check it out.

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