Ren's Blog

What kind of shitty blog is this supposed to be?

This is actually more of a collection of totally random ideas that weren't large enough to justify another whole project. What is a blog nowadays anyway? Certainly not a weblog. Those typical personal blogs we used to know and hate seem to be dead now. That kind of stuff is on YouTube now.

Web Development

Bootstrap 4 cards how-to


webdev guide quick tip

Just a small tutorial on fashionable white Bootstrap boxes. Just like the ones you can see on this page.

What makes a good website?


webdev guide rant

Why are most websites shit nowadays? It can't be that hard to make a proper website, right? But then.. nobody really cares anyway. Long-term thinking, what's that? Let's just slap on some WordPress plugins with tons of popups and you're done.

If you do care, you might find this perspective interesting or at least mildly entertaining.


Inertia - Game Prototype



A minimal prototype of a browser-based 2D space ship game. The point is to see if this could have the potential to be a fun game if actually developed.

Take the stairs


motivation lifehack

Why is it so hard to get and stay in shape? I'll tell you one simple trick on how to become the person you want to be. Or at least how to get closer to that goal.

If you're tired of being fat, lazy and unmotivated, you may want to read this.

Good io games


videogames collection

There are tons of websites that randomly list hundreds of broken or otherwise just unplayable so-called io games. No description or anything.

This post is my attempt to bring some order into the chaos. I selected only games that are worth their time.