Actually Playable

A carefully composed collection of web and io games that are actually fun.

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There are tons of websites that randomly list hundreds of broken or otherwise just unplayable so-called io games. No description or anything. Just some cover art and a name. Some of them even show fake ratings for whatever reason. And those ratings don't reflect the quality of the game in the slightest. So instead of helping anyone to find a good game to play, they just add to the confusion. In order to find a nice game on one of these websites, you just randomly have to try out 20 shitty ones. Effectively, those websites are worthless.

This project is my attempt to bring some order into the chaos. I selected only games that are worth their time. I added actual screenshots that represent each game well (instead of using cover art). Additionally, there is a short description about what each game is about and why you should (or shouldn't) bother.

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